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January 2, 2010

Church of the Highlands

I attend Church of the Highlands here in Birmingham. Chris Hodges is an amazing pastor, and he's the reason I have gone back to the church. I've learned so much from him the past few years and have a completely different perspective on several aspects of my life: the church and how it can change your life, prayer and how it works, tithing and how to do it, friendships/relationships and how to nurture them, etc. He has really given my life new meaning because he has brought me closer to God than I've ever been before. He approaches every topic in such a way that they actually become quite interesting. He makes me want to be God's servant and reach out to God in all ways possible. I was raised Catholic and my mom has always said that she wanted me to have a 'foundation of faith - something to build upon.' She's always wanted to teach me what she knows about Christ and the church; not only because she's a strong believer, but because she wants me to know the Lord the same way she knows Him. I'm so happy she raised me in faith!

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