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January 12, 2010

Dad's Update 1/12/10

Dad had two doctor appointments yesterday. He will be going in for his biopsy sometime within the next 7-10 days. It's a minimally invasive surgery, but he will be under anesthesia for a short amount of time - which is always a scary thing to me. (However, this will be a breeze compared to his surgery he had back in March 2007.) It will take another week to get the biopsy results. At that point, the doctors will hopefully tell him what the next steps are. He has a rare case of melanoma.

** I have become the 'SPF NAZI' ever since my dad told me he had skin cancer - PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!! **

There are several factors the doctors consider when 'qualifying' a patient for clinical trials. As of right now, there are no trials scheduled in Missouri, which means dad and mom would have to travel somewhere if he decided to get treatment (that is, if he even qualifies for the treatment(s)). I love my parents so dearly and I hate that they are going through all of this. I continue to pray for them every single day. I just wish I could do more ;o(

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