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December 2, 2009

Merry Birthday to all you December babies!

If you celebrate your birthday in December like I do, I know exactly what you're thinkin as you read this: 'It's so nice to know there are people out there who struggle with this too: if your birthday is ANY other month but December, you have 2 different celebrations - one for your birthday and one for Christmas, right? Why is it that we Christmas babies just have the one celebration for both??' Maybe that's true of all holidays...? Either way, our special days are often forgotten, especially those of us who are born on or around Christmas day. The closer your birthday is to Christmas, the more likely you are forgotten. I am lucky enough to have the same birthday as Baby Jesus. Twelve-twenty-five-nineteen-eighty. So, you have a good enough excuse to forget mine I guess... Like me, you probably get those so-called, "Christmas-slash-birthday" presents, right? Even though they're two completely separate celebrations (in my mind), we somehow end up with 'combo gifts' every year. Anybody with me? {By the way, If you're my friend and you're readin this, you'll probably just be gettin one gift from me. Per year. From now on. ;-P}

I have two friends that were also born on Christmas day: my cousin's wife, Marissa, and my friend Melinda. So, a special Merry Birthday to you two! If I could afford it, I would send you both 2 separate gifts. But, I can't. So this blog entry is my 'Christmas-slash-birthday' present to you! My friend Ambika's birthday is 3 days after mine. So, we celebrate our birthdays together every chance we get. It's always a helluva way to bring in another kick a$$ year!

For those of you who don't have December birthdays, this may have been a waste of your time. I'd apologize for wasting it, but to be honest, I'm not sorry. J/K. I really hope you enjoy lookin at the cards on this blog. Card making makes me happy and I like to share my creations with you, in hopes that the happiness rubs off. I have recently added several new Christmas cards, so check em out! You can click here to purchase any of my cards online.

I do love love love Christmas - it's (without a doubt) my favorite time of the year! I'd much rather give the gifts than receive them! I already have everything I could possibly want and need. So, to all you folks celebrating your birthdays this month, Merry Birthday to you!

Merry Birthday Card Recipe:
1 scrap piece of red bazzill cardstock
1 scrap piece of blue bazzill cardstock
1 scrap piece of green bazzill cardstock
clear letter stamps for wording
10" piece of sheer red ribbon
patterned paper (I've had this paper for a while now, so I'm not sure who the distributor is...)

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